Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sydney is our dog.  She barks a lot.  She begs for food and treats from all at our Sunday dinners.  She loves napping with a friend nearby on the bed.  Syd is having a crisis.  Her favorite thing in the world is taking walks on her leash.  She even likes wearing her leash just for fun.  Lately, when we walk her, she gets scared of loud noises and turns herself around during the walk and points herself home.  You can try to reason with her, but to no avail.  She will  not budge.  She wants to go home.  When she hears a loud noise, she stops, looks up at me, and then slowly turns herself the opposite direction towards home.  She is basically saying, "I'm going home now.  I don't like this anymore."  Who ever heard of a dog who turns herself around and wants to go home on a walk?  Tonight, she only got two houses away from home and she turned herself around and pulled me home.  Odd dog.

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