Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who is this bride?

Sibling Sunday afternoons can be very interesting when Grandma is here.  Imagine explaining a daughter's marriage more than 20 times in one night?  If you can imagine that, try imagining it twice !  Two weddings.  Two brides. Two grooms.  Two beautiful dresses and bouquets.  Twice as nice .... and also twice as confusing and entertaining to Grandma!
Flowers By Lisa's Flor Decor
Photos by Ian McDowell and Libby Tolman

Launching into the unknown with Sibling Sundays

    Every Sunday we gather at my house, or another family member's home to share fresh food, good company and have a competitive game of dominoes with Great Grandma .  As she has aged, she has lost all of her short term memory so dining always comes with lots of fun and repeated questions.  We are all starting to learn just how fun aging can be. We know her days are numbered, and falling like dominoes one by one, so we thoroughly enjoy being patient with her and laughing over and over with her at repetitiive sayings and jokes.  She just enjoys the moment she is in and doesn't worry about what was before, or what will be.  We should all be more like that! Spending time with each other has created many memories as we talk about the future and the past with our loved ones.  Sometimes we look at pictures, repeat sayings, dances, and stories.  My sister-in-law was talking to others about how we always gather and celebrate our family and she coined the term, "Sibling Sunday," so I thought I would write about our adventures. 

     I love to cook meals to share that are simple, tasty, fresh and healthy.  I've discovered the two blogs, "Our Best Bites," and "Favorite Family Recipes," which are fantastic resources! I also use a lot of my own recipes, some from my mom, daughters and sister-in-laws.